Lynn Weddle

Lyn Weddle

Lynn Weddle’s practice is concerned with human interaction and exploring the myriad of ways we present and are presented through photographic portraiture.

The process through which the works emerges is collaborative, often deeply therapeutic for her subjects and intrinsically telling and this complexity sits at the heart of her practice where ‘social’ and ‘artistic’ strands are fiercely opposed, yet at times, intimately woven. Based in Brighton, UK, Lynn has been working as an artist and artist educator since 2003, returning time and time again to the feelings and frameworks around being observed and taken.

Lynn received a first class degree in Photography from Falmouth College of Art and has a Masters in Photography from the University of Brighton.

Lynn Weddle has presented her photographic practice on an international platform at the Phototherapy and therapeutic photography conference in Turku, Finland in 2008, as well as presenting at the Photographers Gallery and Camden Arts Centre.

Lynn has published her work through Millennium images in the Sunday Telegraph and the Guardian and his exhibited work in firstsite contemporary art, Pallant House Gallery, Four Corners and Brighton Photo Fringe.

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