Craig Atkinson

Image courtesy of the artist

Artist and Publisher Craig Atkinson (b.1977, Liverpool) works as a lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Central Lancashire.

“I dislike terms, categories, genres etc. I think they can be preventative rather than useful. But, for the sake of loose description, I work as an artist, photographer and publisher — some exhibitions and clients listed below. I draw, I take photographs. I make books and zines of my work and I publish the work of others. I’m a Fine Art and Illustration Lecturer. My background is Fine Art.

I’ve worked with The New York Times, Adidas Originals, Orange, GQ, Esquire amongst others, and my work is collected by many international galleries, museums, public, private and educational libraries and special collections, including: Tate Gallery, Victoria and Albert / National Art Library, Museum of Modern Art New York, Martin Parr, National Gallery of Canada, Leeds University, University of the Arts London.

What I make generally tries to use places or formats for something other than their intended purpose. I’m interested in new combinations, whether it be text and image or projects in a gallery space. The books I publish often re-present archive photography without its original, sometimes commercial context. I enjoy using basic / limited materials to make work”

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